Specialized medical clinics

Medicare clinics are medical facilities that provide healthcare services to patients in a variety of medical specialties and specialties. These clinics include primary and specialty care such as cardiology, dermatology, orthopedics, pathology, ophthalmology, psychotherapy, and more. It aims to provide treatment and medical care appropriate to patients' needs. Modern Med Tour as a professional international medical tourism company works with a network of the best specialized medical clinics in Iran.

سجاد مولایی

Specialized hair transplant clinic

Hair transplantation is a great solution to hair loss problems. With the advancement of technology and medical techniques, people can regain their sense of confidence and the natural appearance of their hair.

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سجاد مولایی

Specialized beauty clinic

Specialized beauty clinic in Iran. It is a specialized medical facility that provides a variety of services and procedures aimed at improving the appearance and beauty of individuals.

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سجاد مولایی

Sexual and reproductive health

The quantity of reproductive health clinics in Iran, which are medical facilities committed to delivering health and care services concerning sexual and reproductive well-being for individuals across various ages and genders.

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Types of medical clinics and their scientific definitions1. **Primary Care Clinic**: Provides general health care and is considered the first point of contact for patients seeking health care. Basic services such as routine check-ups and issuing prescriptions are provided.2. **Urgent Care Clinic**: It provides immediate medical care to patients suffering from non-emergency injuries or illnesses, and represents a way to obtain urgent care without resorting to the emergency department.3. **Specialty Clinic**: Focuses on a specific medical field or medical condition, such as cardiology, dermatology, orthopedics, or neurology. Provides specialized services and accurate evaluation of these cases.4. **Dental Clinic**: Provides dental health care including regular examinations, dental treatments, and oral surgery.5. **Optometry or Ophthalmology Clinic**: Specializes in eye and vision care, including visual examinations and prescribing eyeglasses and contact lenses.6. **Psychiatry or Psychology Clinic**: Provides mental health services related to mental health, psychological evaluation, treatment, and psychological counseling.7. **Rehabilitation Clinic**: Focuses on physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other treatments to help patients recover from injuries, surgeries, or chronic conditions.8. **Women’s Health Clinic**: Provides services related to women’s health such as gynecological examinations, pregnancy care, family planning, and menopause management.9. **Cancer Treatment Center**: Specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of patients with cancer, including chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.10. **Dialysis Clinic**: Specialized for patients who suffer from kidney disease and need regular dialysis.11. **Allergy and Immunology Clinic**: diagnoses and treats allergies, asthma, and immune system disorders.12. **Pediatric Clinic**: Provides health care to children from infants to adolescence and focuses on their special needs.13. **Cosmetic-Plastic Clinic**: Provides cosmetic and plastic surgery services to people looking to improve their external appearance through surgical procedures or other treatments.

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