Duration of the operation

10-15 minutes



The final results

Results can be seen after 10-14 days

Duration of stay in hospital

You do not need a hospital stay

Back to work

You can return to work on the same or next day

Return to social life

You can return to social life immediately

The pain after 3 days

Pain rating is usually 1-2

Recovery for sports activity

You can exercise after 2-3 days

Pain rating scale: from 0=no pain to 5=extreme pain

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) technology in Iran is a medical procedure used to treat infertility and increase the chances of pregnancy in couples who have difficulty achieving pregnancy naturally.

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) technology

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a medical procedure used to treat infertility and increase the chances of pregnancy in couples who are having difficulty achieving pregnancy naturally. This procedure involves transferring the treated sperm directly into the uterus with the aim of increasing the chances of fertilization and pregnancy.

IUI is usually performed at optimal times for fertilization, such as when an egg is released from the ovary or after taking fertility-boosting drugs. The procedure includes the following steps:

Semen analysis: The semen sample is analyzed to estimate its quality and the number of available sperm.
Sample preparation: The sperm sample is processed to improve its motility and ability to fertilize.
Inserting the sample into the uterus: The treated sample is injected directly into the uterus using a fine tube.
IUI technology is commonly used for several conditions, including:

Unexplained infertility: when the main reason for not getting pregnant cannot be identified.
Problems with sperm transport: When a man has difficulty transporting sperm to the uterus.
Factors that improve the chances of fertilization: When it is necessary to increase the chances of fertilization due to problems with ovulation or semen density.
The IUI procedure is an option for couples seeking to achieve pregnancy and the treatments available to them. However, they should consult with a recognized fertility specialist to determine if this procedure is best suited for their particular condition.

Why Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)?

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a medical procedure that is commonly used to treat infertility problems and increase the chances of pregnancy in couples who are having difficulty achieving pregnancy naturally. There are several reasons why IUI is a suitable option for couples looking to conceive.

Treating unexplained infertility: In many cases, it is not possible to determine a specific reason for not getting pregnant, and the IUI technique is a way to treat this type of infertility.
Increased chances of fertilization: IUI technology transports the treated sperm directly to the uterus at the optimal time for fertilization, which increases the chances of pregnancy.
Problems with sperm transport: In some cases, a man can have difficulty transporting sperm to the uterus due to factors such as low sperm count or motility.
Fertility aids: IUI can be used to increase the chances of fertilization in conditions such as problems with ovulation or semen density.
Doesn’t require surgery: IUI does not require surgery, making it a non-surgical procedure and less complicated than some other options for treating infertility problems.
In short, IUI offers couples with infertility problems the opportunity to achieve pregnancy in a safe and effective way, and is a suitable option for many cases. A recognized fertility specialist should be consulted to determine whether this technique is appropriate for the husband and wife’s condition based on their professional and medical judgment.

Why IUI in Iran?

Iran is a great destination for IUI due to the many positive factors it has in common. Here are some reasons why Iran is an ideal destination for couples seeking this procedure:

Affordable cost: In Iran, the reasonable price for an IUI session is estimated at only $100 to $250, which is less expensive compared to many other countries.
Advanced Medical Facilities: Iran provides high-quality hospitals and medical facilities equipped with the latest technology and medical equipment, ensuring that health care is provided at the highest level.
Professional medical staff: Iran has distinguished doctors and specialists in the field of IUI technology who have experience and high competence in this field.
Confidentiality and respect for privacy: Privacy and respect for patients’ rights are fundamental in Iran, and this means providing health care with the utmost privacy and respect.
Previous successful experience: Iran has a proven track record of success in the field of IVF, which increases patients’ confidence and encourages them to choose it as a destination for IUI.
In short, Iran offers a comprehensive and convenient experience for those looking for IUI at an affordable cost, with a high level of quality, and with a high chance of achieving a successful pregnancy. Couples considering this procedure should consult with a recognized fertility specialist in Iran to assess whether it is suitable for their health condition and needs.

Why IUI with Modern Med Tour (MMT)?

Modern Med Tour (MMT) is one of the most prominent medical tourism companies in Iran, providing distinguished services to international patients seeking health care in Iran. Here are some reasons why IUI with Modern Med Tour is an ideal choice:

High professionalism: Modern Med Tour deals with a network of the best doctors and specialists in the field of artificial insemination and IUI technology. Doctors are carefully selected to ensure that medical care is provided at the highest level of quality.
Trip Planning: Modern Med Tour (MMT) organizes all aspects of your medical trip, including arranging airport pickup, booking accommodation, and scheduling medical appointments. This helps you make the most of your time in Iran without any burden.
PERSONALIZED SERVICE: Modern Med Tour (MMT) offers customized and personalized service to each patient. Her team is always available to provide advice and support throughout your treatment and medical procedures.
Professional Guidance: Modern Med Tour provides transparent and accurate medical advice. You can get detailed information about the cost of the procedure and the options available to you without any obligation.
Financial Savings: MMT helps you save time and money by offering exclusive offers to international patients at reasonable costs.
With Modern Med Tour (MMT), you can count on providing high-level healthcare in Iran and enjoy a premium medical experience without any additional worries.


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Iran offers very competitive prices for IUI treatment, with the cost in Iran usually ranging between $100 and $250. Compared to the USA, where the cost of IUI reaches higher levels between $500 and $1000, it can be concluded that Iran not only provides treatment with high quality and effectiveness, but it offers it at a much lower cost than what is available in the USA. This makes Iran an ideal destination for couples looking for affordable Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) treatment, without having to sacrifice quality or delay in starting the treatment process.
Iran$100 - $250
United States of America$500 - $100
United kingdom$580- 2000
Italy$750 - $1250
Türkiye$200 - $500
Poland$250- $500


Intrauterine insemination (IUI) treatment is a medical procedure used to increase the chances of pregnancy in couples with fertility problems. During which the treated sperm is delivered directly to the uterus.

The success rate of IUI depends on many factors, including the cause of the fertility problem and the age of the couple. The fertility doctor can better estimate the chances of success based on the couple’s condition.

Generally, IUI treatment takes only 15 to 20 minutes.

No, generally IUI does not require a hospital stay, patients can go home after the procedure.

Patients can usually return to their social lives and exercise after the procedure without any particular delay.

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