Duration of the operation

It ranges from approximately 30 minutes to 2 hours


Local anesthesia

The final results

1 month

Duration of stay in hospital

Usually you do not need a hospital stay and the procedure is done as an outpatient procedure

Back to work

7-10 days

Return to social life

7-10 days

The pain after 3 days


Recovery for sports activity

2 Weeks

Pain rating scale: from 0=no pain to 5=extreme pain

Lip Lift in Iran has many advantages that make it one of the main options for patients looking to improve the contours of their lips.

Lip Lift

The secret to improving the beauty of the lips: lip lift

Lip lift is a surgical procedure performed on the lips with the aim of improving their shape and beauty. Here are the definitions and types of lip lift:

Upper Lip Lift: This type of lip lift targets the upper lip only. During the procedure, a small portion of the skin between the nose and the upper lip is cut to raise it and make it appear larger. It is usually used to correct a flat upper lip or an upper lip that appears too reduced.
Lower Lip Lift: This type targets the lower lip, during which part of the skin below the lip is cut to lift it and improve its features. It can be used to achieve a balanced aesthetic texture and to reduce the length of the lower lip.
Upper and Lower Lip Lift: In this type, the upper and lower lips are lifted together to comprehensively improve the contours of the lips. This type is used to achieve better harmony between the lips and enhance the overall beauty of the face.

A lip lift is a surgical procedure that requires the expertise of a qualified plastic surgeon and the patient must consult with him to determine the appropriate type and achieve the desired results.

Lip lift: the beauty hidden in simple cosmetics

A lip lift is a cosmetic procedure used to improve the texture and shape of the upper lip. This procedure is considered one of the latest cosmetic trends and has become popular among people looking for a beautiful and youthful lip appearance. Here we review several reasons why a lip lift is an exciting and ideal option for many people.

Youthful appearance: A lip lift can improve the shape of the lips and make them appear more youthful and vibrant, as it helps remove signs of aging such as sagging lips.
Restoring facial symmetry: Lifting the lips can help restore balance and symmetry to facial features, enhancing overall facial beauty.
Improved self-confidence: In addition to aesthetic improvements, a lip lift can increase self-confidence and a person’s feeling of attractiveness.
SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE PROCEDURE: A lip lift is a simple surgical procedure that is often performed in one visit, making it a convenient option for people looking for quick improvements.
Long-lasting results: Thanks to modern technologies, the results of a lip lift can be long-lasting, which means you will enjoy your improvements for a long time.

Given these benefits, a lip lift is an exciting option to consider to improve the beauty of the lips and make them appear more attractive and youthful. Advantages of a lip lift

Lip Lift in Iran

Lip Lift is a surgical procedure that has achieved great success in Iran and has many advantages that make it one of the main options for patients looking to improve the contours of their lips. Here are some notable advantages:

Experience and specialization: Doctors and plastic surgeons in Iran are highly experienced and specialized in lip lift. These doctors adhere to precise standards and modern techniques to achieve the best results.
Advanced technology: Hospitals and clinics in Iran are equipped with the latest technology and medical equipment, which contributes to performing lip lift operations with precision and high safety.
Financial savings: The cost of lip lift in Iran is more economical compared to many other countries, which makes it an attractive destination for patients from all over the world.
Understanding beauty and appearance: Iranian culture pays great attention to beauty and attractive appearance, therefore, doctors there completely understand the expectations and tastes of patients regarding the shape of the lips.
Outstanding Care: Medical facilities in Iran provide comprehensive patient care, from surgical consultation to recovery, making the patient’s experience easy and comfortable.

Thanks to these advantages, many people looking to improve their lip features choose to undergo lip lift procedures in Iran to obtain exceptional and attractive results.

Advantages of Modern Med Tour in lip lift

Modern Med Tour Company is considered one of the leading companies in the field of medical tourism in Iran, and offers many advantages to patients looking for lip lift operations in the best ways. Here are some notable advantages of Modern Med Tour:

A specialized medical team: Modern Med Tour deals with a team of the most skilled and skilled surgeons and professionals in the field of lip plastic surgery. These surgeons are experienced and competent in performing lift operations safely and with high quality.

Comprehensive trip planning: The company provides a complete trip planning service for international patients, from booking medical appointments and accommodation to transportation and patient care during the recovery period.

Guidance and Consultation: Modern Med Tour provides professional medical consultations to patients, where they are guided in choosing the appropriate procedure and advised on important details of the operation.

Modern technology: The latest technologies and devices are used in lifting operations to ensure the best results.

High-quality hospitals and facilities: Modern Med Tour cooperates with well-equipped hospitals that respect international quality standards, which contributes to providing a safe and comfortable environment for patients.

In short, Modern Med Tour offers a unique and comprehensive service to international patients looking for the best quality and affordable lip lift procedures in Iran.


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The cost of lip lift surgery around the world varies greatly and is affected by multiple factors such as the country, the hospital, and the experience of the surgeon. In general, the cost of the procedure globally ranges from about $3,000 to $10,000. It is worth noting that the cost of a lip lift in Iran is much more economical, starting from about 1000 US dollars, which makes Iran one of the most attractive economic destinations for tourists looking for this procedure with high quality and at a reasonable cost.
Iran$1000 - $1500
United Kingdom$3091 - $8533
USA$2000 - $8000
Türkiye$1950 - $2146
Italy$3000 - $4500


A lip lift procedure is a surgical procedure that aims to improve the appearance of the lips by lifting them to be more plump and youthful. This process involves reducing the space between the upper lip and the nose, giving the lips a fresher and more attractive appearance.

It usually takes about 7-10 days to recover after lip lift in Iran to return to normal daily life.

The cost of a lip lift in Iran varies depending on the clinic, surgeon, and technique used, but generally ranges from approximately $1,000 to $1,500.

Side effects of a lip lift may include temporary swelling and redness around the lips. These effects should improve over time.

Yes, sports activities can be resumed approximately 2-3 weeks after the operation, but the surgeon must be consulted about the appropriate time to resume sports activities according to the personal case.

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