Duration of the operation

About 60-90 minutes


Yes / local anesthesia only

The final results

Final results appear after about two weeks to one month

Duration of stay in hospital

You usually do not need a hospital stay

Back to work

You can return to work on the same or next day

Return to social life

Can return on the same day

The pain after 3 days


Recovery for sports activity

After two to three days

Pain rating scale: from 0=no pain to 5=extreme pain

Root Canal Treatment in Iran is a medical procedure used to treat teeth that have significant damage to the roots as a result of infections or severe decay.

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment is a medical procedure used to treat teeth that have significant damage to the roots as a result of infections or severe decay. This treatment aims to save the damaged tooth and prevent its removal, which contributes to preserving the natural teeth and their functions.

Types of root canal treatment are divided into main groups based on the materials used in the procedure and the number of visits required to complete the treatment:

Single-Visit Root Canal: This type is used when inflammation is limited and the root can be cleaned in one visit.
Multi-Visit Root Canal: Used when infections are more complex and require multiple-visit treatment to ensure complete removal of the infection.
Root canal treatment involves removing damaged tissue, cleaning the root canals, and filling the spaces with special materials. A dental crown is often placed on the treated tooth after treatment is completed to protect it and restore its function.

Important reminder: You should always consult a dentist to assess the condition and determine the appropriate type of root canal treatment.

Why root canal treatment?
When a tooth is exposed to severe inflammation or decay, root canal treatment may be necessary to preserve the tooth and prevent its removal. This medical procedure comes with several important benefits:

Saving the tooth: Radical treatment provides the opportunity to save the damaged tooth and preserve its presence in the mouth instead of losing it.
Pain relief: Treatment aims to remove root infections and inflamed tissues, which reduces the pain and swelling resulting from these conditions.
Preventing the problem from getting worse: If things are ignored and the decay or infection is not treated, the problem may get worse, leading to greater health problems.
Maintaining function: Root canal treatment restores the tooth to its normal organ and digestive functions.
Natural appearance: A dental crown can be placed on the treated tooth after treatment to restore its natural and aesthetic appearance.
To get the best results and maintain your oral health, it is always preferable to consult a specialist dentist to assess the condition and determine the necessary steps for treatment.

Why root canal treatment in Iran?

Iran is considered one of the world’s leading destinations in the field of root canals and dentistry in general. There are several reasons why Iran is a preferred destination for patients seeking root canal treatment:

Specialized Medical Team: There are specialized and qualified medical teams in Iran that include professional dentists who use the latest medical technologies and equipment.
Competitive Prices: Root canal treatment in Iran is much less expensive compared to many other countries, making it an attractive economical option.
Quality of service: Hospitals and medical clinics in Iran are distinguished by providing high-quality services with international standards.
Availability of integrated services: Iran provides all services related to root canal treatments, from evaluation and diagnosis to surgery and post-treatment stages.
Outstanding medical tourism: Iran combines good healthcare with wonderful tourist attractions, making it a distinctive destination for travelers looking to receive treatment and spend a vacation at the same time.
In short, root canal treatment in Iran is an ideal choice for patients in terms of quality, cost and excellent service.

Why treat the tooth root with Modern Med Tour?

When searching for the best option for root canal treatment in Iran, Modern Med Tour is a distinguished option that provides many advantages and services that make it an outstanding agency in the field of medical tourism. Here are some reasons why Modern Med Tour is the ideal choice for root canal treatment:

Comprehensive coordination: Modern Med Tour fully coordinates your medical trip, from booking you in the hospital and receiving you at the airport to arranging accommodation and transportation during your treatment.
Specialized Medical Team: Modern Med Tour has cooperated with the best doctors and specialists in the field of root canals and dentistry to ensure the provision of health care at the highest level.
Affordable cost: Modern Med Tour offers its services at competitive and reasonable prices, providing patients with the opportunity to obtain root canal treatment at a lower cost than what can be found in other countries.
Personal guidance: The Modern Med Tour team guides you through each stage of your root canal treatment, providing advice and support to ensure a comfortable and successful treatment experience.
Additional services: In addition to root canal treatment, Modern Med Tour provides additional services such as sightseeing tours and recreational activities to make your stay in Iran an unforgettable experience.
In short, cooperating with Modern Med Tour for root canal treatment in Iran is a distinctive option that combines high quality, affordable cost and personalized care, making it an ideal destination for treatment and exploring wonderful Iran.

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Iran is an excellent destination for dental crown treatment at competitive prices. Compared to the UK, where the cost of a dental crown treatment can range between $1,760 and $2,000, Iran offers this basic procedure at a much lower cost, ranging from only $80 to $150. This huge difference in prices makes Iran an ideal destination for those looking for affordable dental crown treatment. The great thing is that Iran's prices remain reasonable compared to most countries around the world. If you need high-quality dental crown treatment at an affordable cost, then Iran is the perfect destination for you.
Iran (Two canals)$80 - $150
UK (Two canals)$1760 - $2000
USA (Two canals)$800 - $1800
Italy (Two canals)$350 - $450
Poland (Two canals)$250- $350


Root canal treatment is a medical procedure aimed at saving a tooth affected by deep decay or inflammation in the roots. Treatment includes removing the damaged part of the tooth, cleaning and sterilizing the root canals, and then filling these canals to prevent the infection from getting worse.

The cost of root canal treatment in Iran is reasonable and relatively low compared to many other countries. The cost of this treatment in Iran ranges from $80 to $150.

The amount of time required to perform root canal treatment depends on the condition of the tooth and potential complications. Generally, treatment may take a few visits over a period of weeks.

Root canal treatment is usually performed in a dentist’s office and does not require a hospital stay.

<p>Yes, after root canal treatment, you can quickly return to your daily life. However, you may feel some congestion or sensitivity in the first few days after treatment, but it will gradually go away.</p>

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