Duration of the operation

2-3 hours



The final results

6 months

Duration of stay in hospital

0-1 day

Back to work

2 weeks

Return to social life

2 weeks

The pain after 3 days


Recovery for sports activity

4-6 weeks

Pain rating scale: from 0=no pain to 5=extreme pain

Breast augmentation in Iran is a surgical procedure aimed at increasing the size and shape of the breasts. This is usually done using breast fillers, breast implants, or autologous fat.

Breast augmentation

Types and definitions of breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure aimed at increasing the size and shape of the breasts. This is usually done using breast fillers, breast implants, or transferred autologous fat. Here are some of the popular types of breast augmentation surgery with their definitions:
Breast Implants: Breast implants are the insertion of breast filling preparations (filling) under the mammary tissue to increase the size of the breast and improve its shape. Breast fillers filled with saline or silicone may be used.
Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation: This type of breast augmentation involves collecting fat from other areas of the body, such as the abdomen or buttocks, and then implanting it in the breast. This option is suitable for those who are looking for a natural increase in size using their own fat.
Breast augmentation with fillers: This type involves injecting fillers such as hyaluronic acid into the breast to temporarily increase its size. This procedure is non-surgical and gives quick results, but requires repeated injections periodically.
Breast Augmentation with Lift: This type is performed when the breast needs an additional lift in addition to increasing its size. Breast augmentation is combined with a breast lift to improve the texture and appearance of the breast.
Temporary Breast Augmentation: This type involves the use of temporary means such as pads and temporary bras to improve the appearance of the breast for a temporary period without resorting to a permanent surgical procedure.

Why breast augmentation surgery?

Breast augmentation surgery is a common surgical procedure to increase breast size and improve its shape. There are many reasons why women seek this procedure, including:

Increased self-confidence: Improving the appearance of the breast and increasing its size is an important factor in increasing self-confidence. When a woman feels satisfied with her appearance, this reflects positively on her feeling of personal attractiveness and self-confidence.
Restoring the shape after pregnancy and breastfeeding: The shape and size of the breast can be affected after pregnancy and breastfeeding, and breast implants are considered a way to restore the natural shape and texture of the breast after childbirth.
Correcting congenital or surgical deformities: Breast implants may be performed to correct congenital deformities or to restore breast shape after another surgery such as a mastectomy.
Modifying body balance: Breast implants may be used to better balance the appearance of the body, meaning that overall body contours can be improved by modifying the size and shape of the breast.
Improved attractiveness and sex appeal: Breast implants are a way to increase a woman’s attractiveness and sex appeal, which can contribute to improved interpersonal relationships.
Overall, breast implants are a safe and effective procedure that helps women improve their appearance and increase their self-confidence. But every woman should consider the decision carefully and consult with a qualified plastic surgeon to understand all aspects and options available.

Why breast augmentation surgery in Iran?

Breast augmentation surgery in Iran has become a distinctive destination for many women from different parts of the world. Therefore, there are several reasons that make Iran a preferred destination for breast augmentation surgery:

High Quality: Doctors and surgeons in Iran have an excellent reputation in the field of breast augmentation surgery. Most hospitals and clinics in Iran have modern technologies and provide high quality of service.
Affordable cost: The cost of breast augmentation surgery in Iran is more competitive compared to many other countries. Patients can get great results at an affordable cost.
Saves time: In Iran, surgery appointments can be arranged quickly and efficiently, which means patients do not have to wait for a long time.
Tourist experience: Patients can enjoy a unique tourist experience in Iran, where they can explore the culture and wonderful tourist attractions after the operation.
Distinctive services: Companies specialized in medical tourism, such as “Modern Med Tour,” provide distinguished services that include comprehensive organization of the trip, accommodation, transportation, and ongoing support for patients.

In short, Iran combines high quality, reasonable cost and a unique tourist experience, making it an ideal destination for breast augmentation surgery.

Why breast enlargement with Modern Med Tour?

Modern Med Tour is one of the leading companies in the field of medical tourism in Iran, and there are several reasons why breast augmentation with Modern Med Tour is a great choice:

A specialized medical team: The Modern Med Tour team includes a group of the most skilled and skilled surgeons and specialists in the field of breast augmentation surgery. These surgeons are experienced and competent in performing this procedure safely and with high quality.
Comprehensive trip planning: Modern Med Tour offers a complete trip planning service for international patients, from booking medical appointments and accommodation to transportation and patient care during the recovery period.
Guidance and consultation: Modern Med Tour provides professional medical consultations to patients, where they are guided in choosing the appropriate procedure and advised on important details of the operation.
Modern technology: The latest technologies and devices are used in all surgical procedures to ensure the best results.
High-quality hospitals and facilities: Modern Med Tour cooperates with well-equipped hospitals that respect international quality standards, which contributes to providing a safe and comfortable environment for patients.

In short, Modern Med Tour offers a unique and comprehensive service to international patients looking for the highest quality and affordable breast augmentation surgery in Iran.



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When comparing the cost of breast augmentation surgery in Iran with the costs in many other countries worldwide, we do not conclude that Iran is the best economic destination for breast augmentation surgery. In Iran, patients can get the same procedure at a cost ranging between 1500 and 2500 dollars, while the cost of the operation in many other countries ranges between 3800 and 9000 dollars. This makes Iran an economically suitable choice for patients who are looking for breast augmentation surgery with high quality and reasonable cost.
Iran$1500 - $2500
United States of America$3800 - $4500
Poland $4162 - $5336
United kingdom$5000 - $9000
Türkiye$2500 - $6000
Italy$3,000 - $6,000


The cost of breast augmentation surgery in Iran varies between $1,500 and $2,500, depending on the clinic, the surgeon, and the type of implant used.

Yes, doctors in Iran have a high level of experience and competence in breast augmentation surgery, and many of them are recognized locally and internationally.

The patient can return to daily life within about two weeks of the operation, but full recovery usually takes about 6 months.

Yes, there are a variety of hotels and tourist facilities in Iran that provide comfortable accommodation for international patients.

Yes, there are medical tourism companies and agencies specialized in providing support and organization to international patients who wish to undergo breast augmentation surgery in Iran, which facilitates the process of travel and treatment.

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