Duration of the operation

It varies depending on the type and complexity of the surgery, but usually ranges from 3 to 8 hours (FTM male gender confirmation surgery)


Yes (FTM Male Gender Confirmation Surgery)

The final results

Requires several months (FTM male gender confirmation process)

Duration of stay in hospital

Usually between 2 to 7 days (FTM male gender confirmation procedure)

Back to work

Usually after 2-6 weeks, depending on the type of procedure (FTM male gender confirmation surgery)

Return to social life

Usually after 1-2 weeks (FTM male gender confirmation procedure)

The pain after 3 days

1-4 (FTM Male Gender Confirmation Surgery)

Recovery for sports activity

Usually after 4-6 weeks (FTM male gender confirmation procedure)

Pain rating scale: from 0=no pain to 5=extreme pain

Gender confirmation is a surgical procedure performed to help individuals with inconsistency between their gender identity and biological sex achieve concordance between their desired sex and biological sex.

Gender Affirming Surgery

What is the gender confirmation process and its types?

Gender Affirming Surgery is a surgical procedure performed to help individuals with inconsistency between their gender identity and biological sex achieve reconciliation between their desired gender and biological sex. These operations are an important part of health care for individuals living with Gender Dysphoria, and play a vital role in improving mental and psychological health and raising quality of life. Here we provide an overview of the meaning of gender confirmation surgery and its types:

Male Gender Confirmation Process (FTM):
Used for individuals who were born female and are seeking a gender transition to become male. These operations include breast removal and genital augmentation.
Female Gender Confirmation (MTF) Procedure:
Used for individuals who were born male and wish to achieve a gender transition to become female. These operations include breast augmentation surgery and reproductive organ removal.
Facial Feminization Surgery – FFS:
It is used to transform facial features to match the desired gender identity. The surgery includes modifying the facial bones, enlarging its joints, and comprehensively changing its features.
Voice change operations:
It aims to change an individual’s voice to match their desired gender identity. This can be achieved through vocal or surgical training sessions.

Gender confirmation surgeries are performed carefully and under the supervision of specialized medical teams to ensure success and provide the necessary support to individuals during the gender transition process. The exact needs of an individual vary, so treatment options must be tailored to each case. These processes help individuals live better and enhance their sexual identity compatibility.

Why gender confirmation surgeries?

Gender Affirming Surgery is crucial for individuals who experience discrepancy between their gender identity and biological sex. This gender transition is a vital step towards achieving compatibility between the desired sex and biological sex. Why are these processes so important? Let’s take a look at the importance of gender confirmation surgeries:

Promoting mental health: Research shows that individuals who undergo gender confirmation surgeries experience lower levels of mental health disorders. This includes lower rates of gender identity disorders and depression.
Improved quality of life: When an individual feels satisfied with their sexual identity and appearance, they can live a happier, more compatible life. Gender confirmation surgeries enable individuals to get rid of feelings of alienation and dissatisfaction with their identity.
Increased self-confidence: Feeling compatible between your identity and your appearance can increase your self-confidence. This affects personal and professional relationships positively.
Improving social relationships: When an individual feels satisfied with himself, he becomes more accepted and acceptable in his community and surroundings.
Reducing rates of violence and harassment: Individuals who live with an ambivalent gender identity may be vulnerable to violence and harassment. Gender confirmation surgeries can reduce these risks and protect individuals.
Improve physical health: In addition to improving mental health, gender confirmation surgeries can improve overall physical health, including fitness, nutrition, and sexual health.

Transgender transition requires specialized medical and psychological support. Gender affirming surgeries represent an important part of this support and play a prominent role in enhancing the health and quality of life of individuals living with gender identity discrepancy.

Gender confirmation surgeries in Iran: a window of hope and reconciliation

Gender Affirming Surgery in Iran is an important step towards providing health care to individuals living with inconsistency between their gender identity and biological sex. Iran stands out as a distinctive destination for these operations for several reasons:

Understanding and Respect: Health policies in Iran have included strong support for individuals who require gender confirmation surgeries. Their gender identity is valued and respected, which contributes to a comfortable and encouraging environment for them.
Experience and Specialization: Plastic surgeons and health specialists in Iran have extensive experience in the fields of gender confirmation surgeries. Individuals can receive high-quality medical care from well-trained professionals.
Economic Cost: Compared to many other countries, the costs of gender confirmation surgeries in Iran are reasonable and affordable. This makes it a preferred destination for individuals looking for quality at affordable prices.
Psychological guidance: In addition to surgical operations, patients are provided with specialized psychological and psychological support. This support can be vital to coping with physical and psychological changes.
Regulation and Laws: Iran has legislation providing rights and legal protections for individuals undergoing gender confirmation surgery. Laws protect patients’ rights and ensure confidentiality of information.

Gender confirmation surgeries in Iran are an important option for individuals seeking to match their gender identity with their body. It gives them the opportunity to live freely and happily and participate in society with attractiveness and self-confidence. It is a window of hope and harmony between identity and body.

Gender Confirmation Surgery with Modern Med Tour (MMT): A step towards achieving true identity

The importance of gender confirmation surgery with Modern Med tour

Gender confirmation surgery is one of the most important steps in an individual’s path toward realizing their true identity. With Modern Med Tour (MMT), this step becomes more convenient and accessible for individuals seeking medical care and support in Iran.

Here are some reasons why gender confirmation surgery with MMT is a great option:

Experience and specialization: MMT cooperates with medical teams with extensive experience in the field of gender confirmation surgery. These collaborations ensure that you are in the hands of the best doctors and specialists.
Personal and psychological support: MMT provides specialized personal and psychological support to patients. You are guided through the treatment process and psychological support is provided to ensure your comfort and self-confidence.
Easy to organize: MMT helps you organize your entire medical trip, from travel arrangements and booking medical appointments to accommodation. This service allows you to focus on treatment and recovery.
Affordable prices: Gender confirmation surgery in Iran is considered among the most affordable in the world. MMT ensures you access to this service at affordable prices without sacrificing quality.
Law and legislation: Iran has legislation that protects patients’ rights and guarantees medical confidentiality. MMT works in accordance with local laws to ensure your rights and safety.

Modern Made Tour works to provide comprehensive support to individuals seeking to transition and affirm their identity. If you are looking for high-quality healthcare and personal and psychological support during this journey, MMT represents a reliable option for achieving true identity.

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Iran is emerging as a premium and economical destination for male gender confirmation (FTM) surgeries at a significantly lower cost compared to the rest of the world. While the cost of male gender confirmation in the USA reaches as high as $24,000, costs in Iran range between only $2,000 and $4,500. This includes the same high level of quality and health care, making Iran an attractive choice for individuals seeking affordable gender confirmation surgery with outstanding results. Iran is not only financially well-off but also has a strong reputation for providing healthcare of the highest standard and with a level of specialization and understanding that meets the needs of individuals seeking gender confirmation surgeries to realize their true identity.
Iran (FTM male gender confirmation surgery)$2000 - $4500
USA (FTM Male Gender Confirmation Surgery)$6,400 - $24,000
$1,400 - $24,000$15,000 - $55,000
Italy (FTM male gender confirmation surgery)$10,000 - $15,000
Türkiye (FTM Male Gender Confirmation Surgery)$5100 - $6590
Poland (FTM Male Gender Confirmation Surgery)$3,500 - $7,000


 Common operations include breast removal, procedures to shape the chest and abdomen, shaping the male reproductive organ (vetus), and voice change surgery.

Common operations include breast removal, procedures to shape the chest and abdomen, shape the male reproductive organ (vetus), and voice change surgery.

Requirements may include providing a referral from a physician who specializes in transgenderism, submitting the necessary medical reports, and psychological consent.

The recovery period varies depending on the type of surgery, and is usually from several weeks to several months.

Yes, Iran offers high-quality medical care and professional surgeries to international clients seeking transformation surgery. In addition, the costs of surgery in Iran are much lower compared to some other countries.

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