Duration of the operation

About one hour



The final results

Depends on the progress of healing and patient response

Duration of stay in hospital

one day

Back to work

About 10 days

Return to social life

About 7 days

The pain after 3 days


Recovery for sports activity

3 Weeks

Pain rating scale: from 0=no pain to 5=extreme pain

Glaucoma surgery in Iran. It is a group of surgical procedures aimed at treating and managing glaucoma, a medical condition that results in increased fluid pressure in the eye which can lead to damage to the optic nerve and loss of vision.

Glaucoma Surgery – Types and Definition

Glaucoma surgery is a group of surgical procedures aimed at treating and managing glaucoma, a medical condition that results in increased fluid pressure in the eye which can lead to damage to the optic nerve and loss of vision. This article includes a definition of glaucoma surgery and its main types.

Glaucoma surgery: Glaucoma surgery relies on reducing fluid pressure in the eye or enhancing its drainage to limit damage to the optic nerve. The most important types of glaucoma surgery include:

Trabeculectomy: This surgery is one of the most common procedures to treat glaucoma. It aims to create a new path for fluid to drain from the eye.
Laser Procedures: Laser procedures involve changes to the eye to improve fluid flow. Among these operations are laser trabeculoplasty and laser aqueous surgery.
Shunt Surgery: This surgery involves the insertion of a small device that helps drain fluid from the eye.
Cyclophotocoagulation surgery: Uses a laser to destroy small parts of the eye to reduce fluid production.
Glaucoma Drainage Devices Implantation: This surgery relies on implanting a device inside the eye to help drain the fluid.

All of these procedures aim to control eye pressure and prevent damage to the optic nerve. These surgeries should be performed by qualified and experienced glaucoma surgeons.

When you need glaucoma surgery: determining the right moment

When is glaucoma surgery necessary?

Glaucoma surgery is necessary when there is a risk to the optic nerve and sight due to increased fluid pressure inside the eye. The appropriate moment for surgery must be carefully determined, including consideration of several factors. Here’s when glaucoma surgery may be necessary:

High intraocular pressure: When the pressure of the fluid inside the eye exceeds the normal limit, which is known as intraocular hypertension, this may cause damage to the optic nerve. If this elevation is not controlled by drug treatments, surgery may be necessary.
Deteriorating vision: If there is a continuing deterioration in vision despite drug treatments and follow-up, this may be an indication that surgery is necessary to prevent further vision loss.
Changes in the balance of the eye: If the doctor notices changes in the structure of the eye that indicate a risk of developing glaucoma, such as narrowing of the angle of the eye or enlargement of the cornea, surgery may be necessary.
Medication effects: In some cases, glucocorticoid medications may be ineffective or cause significant side effects. In these cases, surgery can be the ideal alternative.
Other diseases: If there are other medical conditions that interfere with glaucoma treatments or increase the risk of vision loss, surgery may have to be performed to preserve vision.
Patient’s desire: In some cases, a patient may choose to undergo surgery to improve his quality of life and preserve his vision.

Determining the right moment for glaucoma surgery requires careful evaluation by an ophthalmologist who specializes in treating glaucoma. The patient should discuss with his treating physician to understand when is the appropriate time for surgery and what options are available.

Glaucoma surgery in Iran: the ideal choice for patients

Why choose glaucoma surgery in Iran?

Glaucoma surgery is a vital procedure for preserving vision and preventing the disease from getting worse. Iran is emerging as one of the best global destinations for glaucoma surgeries, and for this reason:

Advanced Medical Facilities: Iran has advanced medical facilities equipped with the latest medical technology. Patients can rely on the advanced medical environment and experienced medical teams.
Specialized doctors: Iran has a team of doctors specialized in the field of glaucoma surgeries who are highly experienced and competent. These doctors have extensive experience in this field and use the latest technologies.
Affordable cost: Compared to many other countries, the cost of glaucoma surgery in Iran is reasonable and more competitive. This makes it a suitable financial destination for patients looking for high-quality healthcare at an affordable cost.
Experience in medical tourism: Iran has a long track record in the field of medical tourism and receiving international patients. The health sector in Iran supports medical tourism and provides excellent services to patients of different nationalities.
Comprehensive care: Patients in Iran enjoy comprehensive care that includes advanced medical consultations, diagnostic examinations, the procedure itself, and post-operative follow-up.
Geographical location: Iran is located in the central region of the Middle East, making it a convenient destination for patients from all over the world.

In short, Iran combines high quality healthcare with competitive prices, making it the ideal choice for patients who need glaucoma surgery. Iran offers excellent medical services and the opportunity to restore vision and maintain overall eye health.

Why Glaucoma Surgery with Modern Med Tour?

Glaucoma surgery is a vital surgical procedure used to treat certain cases of high eye pressure and prevent deterioration of vision. If you are considering this type of surgery, Modern Med Tour (MMT) could be your ideal healthcare partner. Here are some reasons why glaucoma surgery with MMT is an excellent option:

Specialization in Medical Tourism: MMT is a company specialized in the field of medical tourism in Iran. We deal with hundreds of international patients annually and provide them with full support throughout their medical journey.
Complete trip planning: MMT offers trip planning services from initial consultations to post-surgery. We help arrange medical consultations, accommodation, transportation, translation, and follow-up of patients after surgery.
Access to the best medical facilities: MMT deals with recognized hospitals and medical clinics equipped with the latest technology and medical devices. We make sure that patients receive healthcare at the highest level.
Specialized Medical Team: We work with highly experienced medical teams in the field of glaucoma surgery. These doctors possess the knowledge and skills necessary to provide treatment safely and efficiently.
Reasonable cost: Despite providing high-quality services, the cost of healthcare in Iran remains reasonable compared to many other countries. Patients can get the necessary treatment without incurring high costs.

If you are looking for high-quality healthcare for glaucoma surgery in Iran relying on professional organization and comprehensive support, Modern Med Tour is the perfect choice for you. We are committed to meeting patients’ needs and providing an excellent medical experience.


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The cost of glaucoma surgery for one eye in Iran ranges between $800 and $1,450, while its cost in the United States of America is between $5,000 and $10,000. This shows the huge difference in cost between the two countries. Iran is emerging as a premium destination for patients seeking high-quality glaucoma surgery at extremely low prices. This advantage is not limited to the United States of America only, but the prices for glaucoma surgery in Iran are among the lowest in the world, making it the best destination for this type of surgery.
Iran (glaucoma - for one eye)$800 - $1500
USA (Glaucoma - one eye)$5000 - $10,000
UK (Glaucoma - one eye)$4300 - $5,000
Italy (Glaucoma - for one eye)$1875 - $3000
Türkiye (Glaucoma - for one eye)$2500 - $5500
Poland (glaucoma - for one eye)$1,500 - $2500


Glaucoma is a medical condition that affects the eye and causes damage to the optic nerve. Surgery becomes necessary when eye pressure cannot be controlled with medications or when the risk of vision loss increases.

There are several types of glaucoma surgery, including laser, tracheotomy, retinal surgery, and artificial lens surgery. The type of surgery depends on the patient’s condition and the progress of the disease.

Glaucoma surgery is usually performed under local or general anesthesia, so you will not feel pain during surgery. You may feel some pressure or congestion after surgery.

Recovery time depends on the type of surgery and the patient’s condition. The patient usually needs a period of rest after surgery, and full recovery can take several weeks.

Yes, international patients can get glaucoma surgery in Iran. Iran provides high-quality medical services at reasonable prices, and patients can benefit from the expertise of doctors and modern technologies in this field.

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