Duration of the operation

It varies between 2-6 hours



The final results

3-6 months

Duration of stay in hospital

1-2 days

Back to work

7-14 days

Return to social life

14-30 days

The pain after 3 days


Recovery for sports activity

4-12 weeks

Pain rating scale: from 0=no pain to 5=extreme pain

Chin plastic surgery in Iran includes a group of surgical procedures and techniques related to improving the shape and appearance of the chin and modifying facial features. One of the most common methods is Chin Implant, which includes filling the chin and giving the required size and cleanliness.

Chin plastic surgery

Chin plastic surgery includes a group of surgical procedures and techniques related to improving the shape and appearance of the chin and modifying facial features. One of the common methods is Chin Implant, which involves inserting a material that fills the chin and gives it the desired size and distinction.

In addition, submental liposuction is used to remove excess fat and better define facial lines. Other methods include bone reshaping (Osseous Genioplasty), where the chin bone is modified to achieve balance and beauty in the face. These scientific techniques are brought together under the umbrella of chin beautification to meet the needs and desires of individuals to improve their personal and aesthetic features.

Cosmetic surgery: the path to comprehensive improvement

Sequential cosmetic surgery is a surgical procedure aimed at comprehensively improving a person’s appearance by combining several cosmetic procedures into one surgery or several surgeries close at the same time. These procedures are popular among people seeking significant improvements in their appearance and increased self-confidence. Here are some reasons why sequential cosmetic surgery is an exciting and effective option:

Comprehensive results: Sequential plastic surgery enables comprehensive improvements to a person’s appearance, including the face and body, enhancing aesthetic symmetry.
Reduced recovery time: Instead of undergoing several separate surgeries with multiple recovery periods, these surgeries can be combined simultaneously or in short successive sessions, reducing overall recovery time.
Cost Savings: Serial plastic surgery may be less expensive by combining several procedures into one surgery rather than repeating the costs of anesthesia, accommodation and hospitalization.
Achieving personal goals: The patient and surgeon can prioritize and design a customized plan to achieve a person’s specific cosmetic goals.
Increased self-confidence: Achieving significant improvements in external appearance can lead to increased self-confidence and self-satisfaction.
Sequential cosmetic surgery is an exciting and effective option for people looking to achieve overall improvements in their appearance and feel confident in themselves, leaving them feeling the best version of themselves.

Advantages of performing sequential plastic surgery in Iran: Beauty safely

Iran is a distinguished destination for serial plastic surgery, with a strong reputation in the field of medical and surgical services. Here are some notable advantages of having these operations in Iran:

Experienced Surgeons: Iran has a group of surgeons specialized in the field of serial plastic surgery. These experts have highly skilled and extensive experience in providing comprehensive improvements to the patient’s appearance.
Modern technology: Hospitals and clinics in Iran use the latest technologies and medical devices, ensuring outstanding results and high quality of surgeries.
Integration and coordination: Iran allows the integration of several procedures in a single or sequential session, saving time and effort for patients.
Reasonable costs: Compared to many other countries, surgery costs in Iran are more economical without sacrificing quality.
Excellent guidance and support: The Modern Med Tour team provides international patients with support and guidance throughout their journey, from admission to treatment through recovery.
Performing serial cosmetic surgery in Iran means obtaining safe and comprehensive beauty with a high level of quality and professionalism.

Modern Med Tour and its professionalism:

If you are considering serial cosmetic procedures, Modern Med Tour offers you an exceptional opportunity to achieve your beauty goals safely and easily. Here are some of the notable benefits of procedures with Modern Med Tour:

Comprehensive organization: Modern Med Tour ensures seamless coordination of every aspect of your medical journey. From the first consultation until the recovery period, you will receive full support and guidance.

Experienced Surgeons: We work with a range of serial cosmetic surgeons, which means you will be in the hands of reputable and highly experienced experts.

Modern technology: The clinics and hospitals we deal with use the latest technology and medical devices, ensuring accurate results and high quality in surgeries.

Service Integration: We help you organize the sequence of procedures in the best way to meet your needs and aspirations, whether in a single or sequential session.

Affordable prices: Modern Med Tour offers affordable costs to international patients without sacrificing quality. You will get high-quality medical service at an affordable cost.

Personalized Support: We understand that every patient is unique, and we have a team dedicated to meeting your specific needs and providing personalized support throughout your journey.



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Chin cosmetic surgery in Iran is the most exciting and economic option! While the average cost of chin augmentation in the United States is $3,137, you can get a high-quality facial in Iran for just $1,000. It is an amazing opportunity to achieve great compliments in your appearance without incurring heavy financial burdens. If you are looking for beauty and economy at the same time, Iran is the ideal destination to achieve that! https://www.plasticsurgery.org/cosmetic-procedures/chin-surgery/cost
United States3137 $
United Kingdom4800 $
Canada4000 $
Europe1800 $
Iran750 $


Chin augmentation is a surgical procedure aimed at improving the shape and appearance of the chin. This is usually done by implanting the material to fill the chin or adjusting the chin bone to improve exposure and harmony with the rest of the facial features.

>The cost of chin surgery in Iran is about 500 to 1000 US dollars, which is considered the lowest cost in many other countries, which makes it a favorite destination for many people interested in this procedure.

The recovery period depends on the complexity of the surgery and the overall needs of the patient. In general, the period of returning to daily life can take approximately two weeks to the city.

Like any surgery, there can be potential risks such as infection, discomfort, or temporary swelling. It is important for the patient to be carefully examined by a qualified surgeon and follow our post-surgery instructions carefully.

Usually, we stay in the hospital after chin surgery for a short time, and it usually ranges from one to two days. After that, the patient can go back to his place and continue his recovery in a better way.

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